Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 12

Today was a relaxed day in the lab. I came in later than usual since I had a meeting. After the meeting I drove into town and set up my dorm before heading to the local coffee shop to do some writing. After about 2 hours there I headed to the lab to write and catch up. Disha came in and got started on site content while I connected with Reid and Dan and kept writing. Meanwhile Sara worked on photographing the butterflies and Jason was everywhere per the norm. It was a productive day in the lab.

After work I quickly finished setting up my dorm and headed out to the gym. This time I made the trip a run since I was scheduled for 3 miles anyway. I finally found the path connection between the two ponds on campus and had a great time making speed work of it. At the gym I lifted weights and did a quick 4 mile spin. I finished out the day’s workout with a run back to the dorm much slower than the pace I came in.

When I returned to the dorm I found that there were no knives to cut tomatoes for a salad, forks to eat it with or bowls to eat it out of. I settled on a pita sandwich, took a shower and find myself dozing off behind the computer. It is a cool, breezy night and I look forward to a peaceful night of quality sleep. :)
A room with a view

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