Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 13

I opted to save my workout for later so today began with a writing session in the lab. The camaraderie of the lab techs is apparent on these mornings. On a regular basis we have fun joking around while getting the work done. Everyone loves to take a turn on Pandora and we’re all foodies so everyday someone is bringing something to try. Today the techs brought in cookies, pastries, almonds, beef jerky, and pretzel chips. I brought pita and humus along with tomatoes etc. to make them into sandwiches. Tomorrow will be something new. I think after this summer I'll go back to being a foodie blogger :)

At 11 I left to the pool in the field house. I was in awe of the athletic facilities and honored to swim in such a beautiful facility. Perhaps it was this mental high that played a role in cutting another 5 minutes off my ½ mile p.r. time! I can’t believe I swam so fast! Well, fast for me J

Back at work we enjoyed the pot luck lunch before everyone headed off to a round of meetings. I met with Disha and Dan to talk about content on the site and assign tasks. After the rest of the work was distributed it was off to another meeting.

There Caroline Williams was on a conference call to the lab team giving a power point presentation on her research. Our role was to peer review her presentation before she gave it to a live on-line audience. This was peer reviewing at its finest. Everyone on the team gave feedback to Caroline before her big debut. When each of them has a day to do the same, the team will review for them too.

Finally the work day ended with a quick stop back at ICENCA to set up a video equipment and software with Reid and back to the lab to get approval from Jason to use a publication on the website. I’m glad I’ve become familiar with the layout of the campus. With meetings and meetings and meetings I need to know my way around!

I took the evening to become more familiar with the campus and find myself at on the patio of a great coffee house just across the street from the main campus enjoying an amazing salad while the orchestra plays on the lawn. If I need to work through the evening, this is how to do it!

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