Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 14

It may be a good time to explain why I am publishing this blog otherwise it may come off as more than a bit egocentric to write about the happenings of my day, every day. It began several years ago when I earned a position on the Lake Guardian COSEE (Centers for Oceanographic Excellence Education) Ship and Shoreline team. I was one of three on the blogging team in addition to regular researching. The purpose of the blog on that expedition was to keep the team connected to friends and family back home since we had such limited communication through the duration of the trip. The following year I was honored to be selected to be the mentor for the other educators onboard. My job also included being the sole blogger for the team. In both instances the blogs served as record for the educators to take their students through the experience. It was also a great photo album of sorts to remember our experiences. During that second year I also worked for the National Park Service as a Park Ranger for the Indiana Dunes. That year I kept a second blog that served as a job description for my students concentrating on environmental sciences. Last year I worked with Brown University in the Miller Woods but was unable to maintain a blog due to the field work hours of the position. I noticed a disconnect in my ability to relay this experience more than any other. Today’s teen is reached in segments of pictures, videos and phrases. When I began to expose my classes to the materials that I produced last summer that were structured in a marketing format, they became interested and made requests for the story of the summer. I was able to provide the story but not to the same level as the previous year’s blogs could provide. This summer I return to the blog in anticipation of the request. Here it’s written in a story format marketed to the target audience on a broad base. I hope this makes clear the purpose of the blog as more than a self-centered public diary. Of course if my friends, family, and colleges, are curious as to what I’m up to this summer, it can serve for keeping them updated too.

On to today: I started off the day with a 3 mile run. It’s been the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures toping over 100 degrees. This morning was humid and uncomfortable when I set off. When I returned the sprinklers were out on the lawn catching just enough of the sidewalk for me to enjoy a little rinse.

Before long I was in the local coffee house typing away and not long after that shooting video in the lab. I picked up a small camera from the IT department and ran practice shots with it for half the morning. I found the video to be of good quality but as usual the audio lacked.

At a meeting in the afternoon I brought up the issue to Jessica and she put through the approval to order a microphone for the lab’s camera. Jason put the order through today and with a little luck and a prayer for Fed Ex, I’ll be shooting bio pieces tomorrow. In the interim, Disha and I worked on the editing software and learned the process in the trial by fire method. iMovie is a great piece of software as it’s very intuitive and we made fast work of it. I look forward to working more on the video segments tomorrow.

In all the fun, 5 pm crept up on me. It was time to head back to the gym for the evening workout. The day ended with a nice, quiet dinner at my new favorite haunt next to campus. I had been craving a good salmon salad for some time and wasn’t disappointed. For as much as I enjoy the work, the campus, and of course the chance to live as an athlete with so many amazing resources all around me I do miss aspects of home.

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