Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 15

Fun time with the new equiptment

Friday and things are in full swing. The microphone was in the lab when I arrived. I had started off working on some content development but when Jason handed me the camera I shifted gears without hesitation. It’s always fun to test out a new piece of equipment and find out its limitations. I took sample footage with audio variations and ran them through the lap top for a baseline. Again the video was great but it was clear that the audio needed work. Luckily the new microphone isn’t locked onto the camera so I set about making a boom for it.


Science has taught me the gift of ingenuity and it’s days like today that call on that skill to make things work. I didn’t want to affix anything directly onto the new microphone so I used several pieces of lab materials to construct the boom. In the end it wasn’t pretty but it was functional. Listening to the audio before the boom, in comparison to after, gives pardon for the less than appealing composure.


Once satisfied with the modifications to the new equipment I set about filming team biographies. Each member of the team was required to state their name, position, job responsibilities, length of employment with the team, educational background, related employment history and a note of scientific wisdom.

Simple enough except for the most part people are not comfortable being filmed. An entirely new personality comes forth with nervous ticks and uncontrolled habits. I am no exception to the rule which is why I find more comfort behind the lens controlling the scene. Sean and Sara both asked for reprieve from the lens until Monday and of course there is no issue with waiting. In the interim, Disha worked on editing the lab methods segments that I had already shot as well as trimming out today’s bios and I’ll keep plugging away on content.


With another week checked off the plan for next week is set to finish bio and methodology videos in the first half of the week. During the second half of the week the process will be repeated with the USGS side of the team. Along the way Disha will keep editing, while Dan and I will hopefully be able to get content material written.

Some days the phone just needs to be put on ice!

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