Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2

Beautiful walk into work along the trail.

I reported into the lab and worked there throughout the morning on feeding larvae and setting up hatchlings in their new homes. My objective was to fill the role of lab tech so that I may gain a fuller appreciation of the methodologies of the project. Much like a foreign language, the best way to learn a lab’s method is through full emersion.

Females that have mated are placed in their own enclosures to lay eggs

I attended a lunch meeting with a group of people who have been hired to work on the Collaboratory in some way over the summer. It was interesting to learn all the layers found within the project along with the various aspects of education represented in the group. For example, aside from me (a high school teacher) there is a high school student, 2 college students (each at different levels), and several research directors at various levels. I feel confident with such a great team that the project is well managed and will come together with ease. 

This station is used to photograph pupated butterflies
On a “home life” note: I have had dreams about being back in college again. That is to say, living in a dorm, attending classes etc. and what my life would be like in that situation. It seems I have the opportunity to live out part of that dream though it is not as I would have projected. Often people talk about how hard things were when they were younger and how lucky today’s youth has it. In this instance I can remember that my dorm had air conditioning and three prong outlets and... Anyway, it still doesn’t outweigh the knowledge base that I come equipped with this time. Now I know to make use of the resources available on the campus. I would pass that message along to anyone going to a post-secondary education of any kind: become familiar with your surroundings and make the most use of those resources.

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