Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3

A great morning run started today followed by a trip over to the lab. On my way to Again I spent the morning there this time expanding my knowledge base into the greenhouse with feeding the butterflies and recording mating events. The afternoon found me in Icenca with Disha talking with Reid and Dan about their role in the project. Disha and I were each given desk spaces in Icenca and we went about trying to get my computer logged onto the internet. Our attempts were to no avail and eventually lead us to the IT help desk were the problem could not be explained but the password reset. Back at Icenca- no connection. We worked off Reid’s connection until we had enough for the day and resolved to solve the problem tomorrow.
When I left the lab today to meet up with Disha I had just closed out a conversation with Jason about the spermatophores of the karner actually providing nutrition to the females as they produced eggs, not to the zygotes themselves! I was considering if this was a novel approach or common in insects when I came across a conversation regarding the kind of atom present in a reaction and the relavance of the number of electrons in the orbitals and I had to smile for my natural nerdy side understood the conversation and my brain shifted to thoughts of placment in the periodic table for reactivity based on valence electrons but before I could get to deep into that cloud I stumbled past a third conversation. This one was in regard to the movement of stars in a plane in consideration as to if the stars themselves were moving, the plane moves the stars or if the two move in conjunction with one another. That one was beyond my scope but it made me feel at home in some aspects. That I could take such a short walk through campus and here such a variety of academia at work was thrilling. It was hot out and I opted to take a short cut through the promise of air conditioning. That was when I stumbled across a building that gave me pause. A science hall complete with a museum of Biodiversity. I ran late to meet with Disha. Sorry Disha! Remind me to show you this hall and you'll understand. :)

For the evening I wondered back to the gym for another go around at a spin and some weights. It took a little convincing but eventually the staff believed that I was allowed to use the gym: another issue to be resolved during business hours. I was also a bit worn on the week of rice and tuna so I allowed myself a trip downtown this evening to a Cambodian restaurant where I picked up fresh spring rolls and curry. I found a chocolate shop for handful of cinnamon almonds and a tiny used bookstore where picked up a small gift for myself too. I know it’s not fashionable to consider an old, tattered book to be a gift but I enjoy it. While I was scanning the titles in the bookstore, savoring the scent of worn paper, a horse drawn carriage passed and for just a moment I felt pulled back in time. What a beautiful corner of the city. What an overall beautiful day!

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