Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 5

Only worked a half day today and I won’t lie- it felt good! I have only a few days to handle what amounts to 2 weeks’ worth of personal issues. Everything that everyone normally does after work hours gets held off until these few days that I’m home. I am scheduled to leave town on Tuesday morning and I already feel the clock ticking. I left work early to handle a parent issue regarding a textbook and still made it to a doctor’s appointment on time.  After that it was errands. The meeting that I attended in my half day was exactly what I needed. I was feeling at a loss as to what exactly I was to do. I asked a few people for some direction last week on what was expected of me but I don’t think anyone was really very certain. Today all the pieces came together. I was startled at first, but after taking the rest of the day to myself and contemplating the task I feel more honored than anything, and excited to get underway.

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