Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 7

Today was a reminder that I while I do maintain a real hat collection (ask me about this sometime) I also maintain a metaphoric collection that can become a bit cumbersome. The day started off with a run, followed by the drive to the lab where I dropped off the bags of lupin that we collected yesterday. Next I hid myself away in an office to connect to the INAPEF board meeting via SKYPE. After 2 hours of prep work for the 2013 NSTA conference in Indianapolis I had to excuse myself and get back into the lab. There I helped with feeding larvae and separating hatchlings until late into the afternoon/ early evening all the while fielding text messages regarding the PTEF.  Sanity? The absent lab tech Sara has returned and with her comes good musical selection on Pandora! At last we have traded reggae for the Black Keys station and went Blues all day long!

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