Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 8

What a day! I kicked it off with what else? A run!! 5 miles in intense heat! Still, I was super charged today and wasn’t satisfied.  I spent the work day on the presentation for tomorrow. I feel I made good progress. I have some time in the morning to finish up and I feel confident that it will get done.

A close up of our pupated friend :)
After about 10 days the larva begin to pupate

After work I had planned on going to the pool to stretch out the soreness but only after going back to my car to exchange my computer for the gym bag then hiking a mile out to the pool did I learn that the pool was closed due to heat! It made no sense but I thought it best not to carry on so I went back home, changed into the workout gear and headed to the gym. A spin, a full set of weights and a cool down on the elliptical later and I was feeling very proud of me! Jason and Sara were still in the lab so I headed over to offer a hand. Jason always jokes that Sara is the prime dictator of all things Karner, but today I saw that he may be right! She really does know all the intricacies of the project. After I left them I realized that I had misplaced my dorm room key! Luckily a resident staff had a spare but I still feel very silly for having lost my copy in the first place!

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  1. I enjoyed looking into your Notre Dame Summer through your writing. It is very nice.
    Steve Sanchez