Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 9

Jason checks a butterfly before taking it out.
Now it's photographed on each side and from the bottom

Tonight I’m sitting on the bed of my dorm with the fan off for the first time! I’ve grown accustomed to the heat enough that the cool down to the mid-70s was enough to warrant taking the fan out of the window for the chance to hear the chimes of the church bells at the quarter hour. A duck on the pond outside is letting everyone know of its discontent and I love every peaceful moment. This really is far better than any television could provide! This morning’s run was earlier than usual and it was nice to see a different group of runners out. A group of marines took over the dorm this afternoon and I look forward to seeing their PT in the morning. –Ah the church bells. J It’s 10pm. – Work today was fun. I went into the meeting confident, left happy and finished the day satisfied with meeting my goals. Tomorrow is another meeting and I will move forward with the same confidence. On a funny note: Today Jason was getting samples ready for genomics when his vials suddenly began exploding. It seemed a buildup of vapor from the liquid nitrogen that he was using to store the samples caused the tiny vials to explode. We joked that he had demonstrated the need for goggles in the lab but he really did seek them out, with reason too!

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