Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 16

Today started in the lab. I came in and set up the camera for interview time with Jessica, Sean and Sara. I learned later that Sean and Sara both had today off. I had to laugh since both had pleaded to allow them until today to do their video interviews. It doesn’t matter really since they will eventually come in and in the interim I have plenty to keep me busy. When Jessica came in Disha and I got her clip done in a quick two takes. She was very relaxed on camera and took to it with ease. Disha took it to the editing room and had it trimmed out in no time. She has really gotten the feel for the software and I am confident in her ability to handle the next project I’m getting ready to send to her. She’ll have the rest of the week to finish up the rest of the lab takes then next week to trim out the work I do out at the dunes.

2 Karner mating enclosers.
The Q-tips are saturated with a nectur for food.
While she finished with Jessica’s interview I started the framework for the Dunes project. I researched Geocaching that lead me to Earth-caching then to Virtual-caching. I ended up writing the activity on Bio-catching as a blend of geocaching and waymarketing (new school virtual-caching) but not a true form of either. On Thursday I’ll do the video clip of the directions, gather the coordinates and get the interviews for the site. Looks like Thursday will be a long day. Friday is reserved for touch ups, retakes, and fill-ins for missed footage. 

Next week will be all about data analysis, the following week about potential frame work application on applicable species, and a third tying up loose ends with a fourth week on uploading. Really uploading can begin at almost any time after this week, but if it hasn’t, there is a full week devoted to its completion.  If followed, this schedule will still allow for completion before the deadline. Still, it’s no secret as to what can be said for the best laid plans. J

Karners having a snack in a mating encloser

I went to McAlister’s for lunch and continued working between bites of chicken noodle soup and savannah salad (yum!)By the way, I love my local dining choices! Quincy’s is closed on Mondays and closes too early for dinner but McAlister’s fills in nicely. When I’m in the mood for something a little quieter, The hits the mark! Looking for something with more art to it? There’s Cambodian Thai, or if I want a taste of home there is always Jamba Juice, Jimmy Johns or Chipotle. Still, I try to eat in as often as possible. Every week the move in process includes mapping a diet for the week and packing my foods to go with it. This week was different since I’ll only be staying over one night. The shortened stay provides a little time off of my standard can of peas or avocado sandwich dinners. Not that I’d complain about them. In fact, even over the weekend I was on the prowl for an avocado sandwich! I design my meals away from home after all. It’s just fun to experiment every now and then. 

Back after lunch I cleaned up the Dunes activity a bit by adding details and links to resources. Sean came in late in the afternoon and asked for another day to wait on his interview. I had to laugh. At the end of the day temperatures were still in excess of 90 degrees so I turned to the gym for a three mile run rather than the road. I still hadn’t made it to my dorm by 8 pm and was starving for dinner. It was a long day and tomorrow promises for a repeat. Now close to midnight it’s time to turn in.

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