Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 19

A third straight day of the heat wave is forecast for today with a heat index projected to creep above 110 degrees. I opted to begin a potential new 5k client as early as possible today before the humidity of the day set in. We finished by 7am just as it hit 82 degrees and humid enough that sweat would begin to form on the brow without any running effort.
I arrived into the Indiana Dunes USGS office by 8 and found the team preparing for a day out in the field. I worked on the images that I took yesterday while the team finalized there preparations. Tonya and I finalized her interview and Ralph spoke to me about the two of us getting the rest of the bio-caching footage done while the rest of the team set up the new field chambers.

 Ralph spoke about the purpose of the data collection sites, how prescribed burns have impacted karner populations, and microclimates in the dunes at the three sites that we visited. He did a great job hitting all the topics, including the bio-caching activity. My only concern is the audio volume.  I took lots of extra footage so that if necessary his audio can be transcribed and edited in as voice over. I even got extra audio backups at some stops on the voice memo of my Iphone just in case. Ralph was a great sport in getting the footage done. I appreciate everyone’s help in getting this project done. 
The ladies worked on a mating chamber to go into the greenhouse at the end of the day.

I finished off the day with a 15 mile spin and a little over a half mile swim. I'm looking forward to a great running weekend with 2 races planned. The weatherman predicts a break in the heat wave on Sunday. I hope so!

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